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Monday, August 18, 2008


I am suddenly fed up…. Fear mongering in any form, gets under my skin. What ticked me off this time? The NRA! A friend of mine had this experience with a collegue who was all in a sort of panic about a change could mean losing certain rights.

With his permission I will share the communication, email, and his sensible solution… The person's name whom Brian had the conversation with was purposely to left out because he is young and he is not the issue, but the victim of sanctioned fear mongering. Thanks Brian for your forward thinking.

So I'm having a conversation with ---- yesterday and he brings up Obama and McCain. Saying it's a "tough choice" and that his grand parents won't be voting for Obama because he wants to take their guns away. I ask him where they heard that and he replies: The NRA sent his grandfather a thick packet that said so. So I nearly explode after hearing that. I tell the guy that the NRA sends crap like that out every cycle and that it's factually false. No democrat anywhere that has run for office has ever said that they want to take your guns away....Anyways I dropped it after saying that because I don't think that --- is a rational thinker when it comes to the world of politics.

Rod I ask you, why are people so against weapon control?
I don't think we should take all guns away but, I do believe that if you want an automatic weapon than the United States government has a nice pair of boots and a uniform for ya. Automatic weapons have no purpose when it comes to domestic use. I also believe that people should pass a criminal background check when trying to obtain a weapon, and should have to renew their weapon license at least every other year. A responsible society must determine who is fit to posses objects that can be a threat to that very society. So, when they say: you can't take our guns away, they're right but, what we can do is determine who is allowed to have one.

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