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Thursday, May 17, 2007


There was a report of lights over the PV area back in March of 2007 in which a witness described a bluish, white and red lighted object that was seen hovering and gliding over this Northeast Phoenix neighborhood.

Last week, May 9th, I was out and about and noticed some blue lights darting about in the sky. As a writer and creator of the CUPIC Project, I did what I had to do and drove toward the area where these strange lights were orbiting. Johanna would have been proud. I had my Canon S1 IS in my car and when I got to the end of one residential block, I had the perfect view of a pair of lights as they made lazy, deliberate twirls, dips and dives over the neighborhood. "What in the hell are these things?" I had asked myself. I grabbed my camera, put it in movie mode and started filming. That night I captured less than a minute of footage. You can clearly see the objects darting and dancing in the video.

I had to find out about these lights. Both objects were neatly covered with blue, and red lights. As I reach a nearby neighborhood, I found a side street that ran next to a tree covered wash. This put me under the object where I could see that they weren't nearly as big as I originally thought. One object swooped low over the houses. It's plane shape was easily discernible. Apparently some cleaver youths attached ultra-brite blue, and white lights around the wings and and a red light on the tail. And they are expert flyers, seeing that they flew them at night over a neighborhood shewn with various types of trees including tall palms, this is Phoenix.

Last night, May 17th, I grabbed my wife's video camera and went on a Leoni-style UFO hunt. I wasn't to be disappointed... The lights soon appeared and I pulled into a school lot, parked and started taping. The result are in the video that I posted with this article...

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