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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Here is a report that I filed with the National UFO Reporting Center about a sighting that occured on November 26, 2006.

PHOENIX, AZ 12:00 pm

A White/ Silver cylindrical object that seemed to hover high above the Paradise Valley/ North Phoenix area.I was sitting in my car that was facing north in the crowded Best Buy parking lot near the PV Mall waiting for my wife and a friend at about noon or a few minutes after. The sky was crystal clear and no visible clouds. As I waited, I noticed a cylindrical object that was high in the northern sky. I thought that it was a balloon, but noticed that it seemed motionless. I would guess that it was well above 5,000 feet in altitude. The object was whitish/ silver and seemed to be the size of an airliner, but it was difficult to judge, since it was so high up and there was no other reference points in the clear blue sky. This object stayed in the same location for about 3 minutes. I was distracted briefly by a phone call and when I returned to the sky, I noticed that the object had disappeared. I searched the sky and there was nothing. I then noticed two high flying jets and their contrails, their flightpath took them directly through the same area where the object was hovering previously.

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