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Sunday, May 14, 2006


The production of our latest feature, CUPIC: DIARY OF AN INVESTIGATOR has begun. We are taking a totally different approach to this project. As mentioned before, we will be shooting this feature documentary style and there will be re-enactment scenes. These scenes will require a good number of talent. Although we have most of the main characters positions filled, we still need to cast the few remaining main characters. Soon, we will start casting the other roles per re-enactment segment.

Here’s a list of the remaining main character list:

  • Doctor Janet Raphael: Caucasian/ Latin. Late 50s/ Early 60s. As an astronomer, Janet is highly educated, but down to earth. She is the head of the CUPIC organization and shows much confidence in her position. She has a ton of experience, and looks forward to new challenges.

  • Mikhail Bartov Jr.:  Caucasian. Early 30s. Intelligent, handsome. Mikhail is smooth with the ladies, but is a professional on the job. Although he was born in Russia, he and his family moved to America when he was ten. He has no hint of an accent.

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